SAT/ANT: Antennas

Broadband Antennas Series

The Telmor ASR-860 range of terrestrial antennas are designed to perform in areas upon where several TV stations are broadcast from similar directions a common problem faced in the local area. This abilty allows the antennas to provide a superior quality of picture in comparisson to other terrestrial antennas found on the market.

Below is a list of the antennas main characteristics


  • New generation reflector antennas, with excellent parameters
  • Extremely wide band of recepted frequencies, from channel 5 to 69
  • Good reception of distant stations, owing to a large gain and directivity
  • Efficient elimination of reflected signals
  • Modern, light and stable construction
  • Possible to install on a mast or wall
  • Easy to assembly - without any tools
  • The antennas brochure can be downloaded by clicking the the link Brochure

Antenna Brochure

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